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EMF/EMYA is an organisation which depends on the voluntary work by individuals, judges, trustees and national correspondents and by the support, grants, donations and sponsorships from a number of different partners.

EMF is deeply grateful for the support from its many partners, without which EMYA could not exist in its current form and continue to fill its unique role of showcasing museum innovation and the particular role of museums in supporting access to culture, cultural diversity and human rights within the European museum landscape.

Its primary sources of income are the candidates’ application fees for the award scheme, and the fees for the annual conference.

Supplementing these, the organization receives invaluable institutional support from the Council of Europe and the ICOM Endowment Fond, from a number of national ministries and museums associations as well as from a number of private sponsors, such as the Silletto Trust, Event Communications, Mayvaert Glass Engineering, Heritage and Museums and Fluxility, webdesign & apps.

EMF/EMYA also works in close cooperation with a number of other museum and heritage organizations in Europe, with whom ideas, knowledge, networks and services in kind are exchanged. Such as NEMO, Heritage Alliance, Best in Heritage.

Our main partners