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What it means to be a National Correspondent

Susann Bosshard-Kälin 

EMF National Correspondent for Switserland 

What it means to me to be an EMF National Correspondent 

Being an EMF National Correspondent means much to me! The world of museums has been my world, for many years. As a journalist, covering arts and culture, I have also been working for the Swiss Museum Pass – an extraordinary institution in our country. I will always be grateful to the founder of the Swiss Museum Pass, Theo Wyler. Thanks to him I got the job as an EMF National Correspondent back in 2004.   

I am here to motivate and support Swiss museums to apply and to participate in the yearly EMYA. To bring Swiss museums under the spotlight of the European museum scene is fascinating and enriching. Primarily, I am also responsible for PR and media work in Switzerland. In 2017 the MEG, Geneva and the Visitor Centre of the Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach won important EMYA-prices: the MEG won the 1st price, the European Museum of the Year Award and the Museum in Sempach won the Special Commendation for Sustainability. This meant a hurried media work in a short time after the ceremony of EMYA 2017 in Zagreb! 

I like being a National Correspondent for the EMF and I appreciate the lively and international exchange and networking with museums professionals from all over Europe. Meeting my colleagues from the EMF at our yearly conventions is like meeting old friends - always memorable and special moments. I hope to be able to continue to motivate a lot of Swiss museums to be part of the big EMF/EMYA-family. 

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