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Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony

The EMYA2023 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony took place in Barcelona, from 3 to 6 May 2023. Organised by the European Museum Forum and hosted by MUHBA - Museu Historia de Barcelona, the EMYA2023 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony brought together members of the EMYA community including former candidates, partners and friends, in addition to the EMYA2023 nominee museums.

We congratulate all EMYA2023 candidates and winners and thank them to make the EMYA2023 such a memorable event.

About the host

The Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA), which belongs to the Barcelona City Council, is a heritage institution of urban knowledge, polycentric, with museum spaces throughout the city and collections that cover the long history of the city, from the Romans to our time. These heritage spaces support a choral narrative of the urban history of Barcelona that aspires to be relevant both to the citizens of the city itself and to tourists who come from far away. If we are interested in the future, it is worth asking about the choices made in the past.

As a hub for participatory urban knowledge, the museum’s program ranges from research and debates to publications, permanent and temporary exhibitions, urban itineraries and educational projects. The museum aspires to be an agora museum and a school museum and works in cooperation with other institutions and citizen associations.

To carry out its mission, the MUHBA adopts a multiscale perspective, from neighborhoods to the city as a whole and its insertion into the world. In its role as an R&D&I center in urban history, heritage care and public programming, the museum must be able to disseminate and even export knowledge. The results must be reflected both in the virtual world, understanding the web as a true hub of knowledge, and in museum spaces, face-to-face activities and urban tours.

The Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA) was opened in April 1943. This year, the MUHBA is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its inauguration.

MUHBA Barcelona, hosting EMYA2023