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Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony

The European Museum Forum is happy to announce the winners of the European Museum of the Year Awards for 2022. The winners in different categories under the EMYA scheme were presented on the last day of the EMYA2022 Annual Conference and Award Ceremony that was held on 4-7 May 2022 in Tartu, Estonia.

Organised by the European Museum Forum and hosted by the Estonian National Museum, the event took place in a traditional EMYA format with a physical, rich and intense annual conference and award ceremony and brought together members of the EMYA community including candidates, partners and friends.

This year, the main theme of the conference was defined as “Museums Addressing Local and Global Issues in and with Their Communities”.

The European Museum Forum expresses its gratitude to the 60 nominated museums who kept faith with EMYA in applying and in welcoming the judges in the unusual circumstances of Covid-19. Special thanks go to our sponsors and partners for their continuous support for EMF through these difficult years.

About the host

The Estonian National Museum, awarded by the EMYA with Kenneth Hudson Prize in 2018, was founded in Tartu in 1909 on the initiative and with the support of the nation – with the task to protect and develop the history and culture of Estonia.

As in many other European countries, primary importance was attached to preserving the old, fading peasant culture. Also considered essential was gathering and looking after artifacts contributing to better understanding of cultural development, archaeological findings, old coins, books, manuscripts and historical records.

Today, Estonian National Museum preserves the feeling of continuity and tradition. The museum is the generator and developer of cultural dialogue which links the past and the future. ENM`s role as a centre of ethnological research is to record, study and interpret culture as a way of life, taking into account its periodical, spatial and social diversity. The Museum's function as a contemporary cultural and tourist centre is to show Estonian culture's uniqueness and primeval power of creation to every Estonian and visitor.