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Application Time EMYA 2019 Extended

New Closing Date: Monday 16 April 2018

This year’s closing date is earlier than last year’s. It was moved to allow more time for the judges’ visits.  With all applicants receiving one visit and those nominated for the major awards receiving second visits, organising up to 60 visits across Europe is a major task. We realise that this change may have taken some museums by surprise, so we think an extension may be helpful.

As we made the transition to our (greatly improved!) new website, there were some difficulties with the on-line application form and with our contact details. The form is now available in online and Word versions.

The EMYA Judging Panel is looking for enterprise and innovation that enhances the public quality of the museum. The judges seek to identify new developments that are likely to have a significant influence in the national and international museum field.

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