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What it means to be a candidate

EMYA 2018 Nominee: Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands

"We were honoured to be one of the Nominees.
I was really impressed by the diversity of all Nominees. It was really inspiring to see all the different narratives and different perspectives."

Mag. Alexandre Collon MA, Austria

EMYA 2016 changed my professional life and was one of the most important meetings in my whole professional career. To have been nominated for this prestigious award was a reward in itself. But the best reward was the pleasure and honour of meeting all those incredible wonderful colleagues who do such great and important work for European people.

EMYA made it possible to meet colleagues full of passion with whom I had the most important exchanges and inspiring talks. For the first time I started to understand fully the importance of cultural heritage. It is worth standing up and fighting for our heritage. Never have I understood the European Idea so well as during those days in Spain. It will not be politics which keep Europe together it will be European culture.

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