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EVENT Travel Grants

Event/EMF travel grants programme for travel to Cardiff UK, has been launched!   

European Museum Forum (EMF) is happy to announce that a travel grants programme for those attending the EMYA Conference on Museum Innovation and Cultural Democracy and EMYA Award Ceremony in Cardiff, Wales from 29 April to 2 May 2020.
The programme has been initiated and supported by Event Communications Ltd. (Event), a British museum and experience design company. Both Event and EMF have contributed to the grant fund. The programme is operated by EMF.

6 travel grants of €750 each will be awarded to individuals for travel to Cardiff
The grants will be awarded by a Selection Committee that includes representatives of Event, EMF Board of Trustees and EMYA Jury.

Individuals belonging to one of the following categories are eligible for the Event/EMF travel grants:
1. Representatives of museums nominated for EMYA 2020: see the list of Nominated Museums at
2. EMF National Correspondents: see the list of EMF National Correspondents at

Applicants are expected to send an informal letter of application addressed to the Event/EMF travel grants programme Selection Committee (see guidelines below). The letter should not exceed one printed page. Please tell us about your motivation for applying and/or describe what the bursary would mean to you.
It should be sent as an email attachment to Pedro Branco, EMF Administrator, at

Deadline for applications: Friday 21 February 2020.

The travel grant winners will be announced on the EMF website by 13 March.

The travel grants are not accountable: it is up to a grantee whether the money is spent for travel, accommodation or participation fee. No financial report is required. However, a winner of the travel grant shall attend the Assembly and Ceremony in Cardiff for the whole time of the duration of these events. In the case of a failure to attend the conference, the grant will be returned to EMF by the grantee and given over to the next person on the list.

The winners of Event/EMF travel grants will be requested to complete a short (300-500 words) of the event in Cardiff, describing what they got out of attending EMYA, which we can use on our website.

Download the guidelines for applicants: click here