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Event/EMF travel grants programme for travel to Warsaw, Poland, has been launched!

European Museum Forum (EMF) is happy to announce that a travel grants programme for those attending the 2018 EMF Assembly and European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) Ceremony, to be held in Warsaw, from the 9th to the 13th of May 2018, is now open for applications.

The programme has been initiated and supported by Event Communications Ltd. (Event), a British museum and experience design company. Both Event and EMF have contributed to the grant fund. The programme is operated by EMF.

5 travel grants of €750 each will be awarded to individuals for travel to Poland.

The grants will be awarded by a Selection Committee that includes representatives of Event, EMF Board of Trustees and EMYA Judging Panel.

Individuals belonging to one of the following categories are eligible for the Event/EMF travel grants:

  1. See the list of Nominated Museums at
  2. See the list of EMF National Correspondents at

Applicants are expected to send an informal letter of application addressed to the Event/EMF travel grants programme Selection Committee (see guidelines below). The letter should not exceed one printed page and should include a photograph of yourself. Please provide us with your motivation for applying and/or describe what the bursary would mean to you.  It should be sent as an email attachment to Sara Minotti, EMF Administrator, at

Deadline for applications: 6 April 2018.

The travel grant winners will be announced on the EMF website by the 10th April.

The travel grants are not accountable: it is up to a grantee whether the money is spent for travel, accommodation or participation fee. No financial report is required. However, a winner of the travel grant shall attend the Assembly and Ceremony in Warsaw for the whole time of the duration of these events. In the case of no-show, the grant shall be returned to EMF by the grantee and given over to the next person on the list.

The winners of Event/EMF travel grants will be requested to complete a short survey after the event in Poland, describing what they got out of attending EMYA.

Guidelines for applicants:

In the letter of application, please include a photograph of you, indicate to which group of eligible candidates you belong (Nominated Museum representative or National Correspondent), your institutional affiliation and position, explaining why the institution cannot cover your expenses for the trip to Poland.

If you are an Nominated Museum representative, please mention your role in the project and whether you are going to participate, personally, in the interview sessions held during the EMF Assembly. Are other representatives of your museum attending the Warsaw event?

If you are an EMF National Correspondent, please describe, briefly, your activities as an NC, especially during the EMYA 2018 cycle. Have any museums from your country been nominated for the award? Have you provided any assistance to them during the application process or during the Judges’ visit to these museums?

Please provide us with your motivation for applying and/or describe what the bursary would mean to you, along with any other information you deem relevant.

For questions and additional information please write to Sara Minotti, EMF Administrator, at