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Hans Looijen, EMF Trustee, The Netherlands

Our identities are constantly being shaped, reshaped, and shifted, no matter if we are fine with it the way we knew it. That is all part of who we are.

Museums are key players in contributing to and providing (part of) the answers to the questions that puzzle communities throughout Europe. The way we navigate through life, pose questions, and deal with challenges—whether they concern our contested identities, diversity, human rights, sustainability, emancipation, or democracy—are all values that collide and find expression in museums, as entities and mediums that have evolved to serve as much more than just sources of inspiration and keepers of our memory.

This is why I joined the European Museum Forum: to highlight, learn from, promote, enjoy, and discuss the essential role that museums play in promoting these critical values. It is paramount that innovative European museum concepts are brought to the forefront.

Sharon Heal, EMF Trustee, UK

I am delighted to be a trustee of the EMF with its long tradition of championing the value of museums across Europe. We live in turbulent times and as museums face up to their responsibilities in society I am excited to see how they will respond. Collectively we need to rethink the role and purpose of museums as they work with their communities to recover from Covid-19 and face the challenges of inequality and climate change. Over the past few years, museums have demonstrated that they can make a positive impact on society even when their physical doors are closed. I look forward to celebrating their achievements and recognising the life-changing work that museums can deliver at the EMYA ceremonies in the years to come.